Here’s what Adriana Merino Reyna, our beloved client from Peru, South America, says about her experience with Appdupe. We worked with them to develop a beauty services app – Glammy.


They promised to deliver within one week and they did… “ The guys at Appdupe promised to deliver the app in one week and actually…. did it” – Ashton. Appdupe always delivers the product on time.


George talks about his taxi booking app for his startup from Appdupe. Stephen loved the way it was priced and recommends Appdupe to everyone.


Abaeze presents his views on the on-demand app developed by Appdupe for his business. His app was received well in the market and also have helped him to gain an ample amount of customers in the market. We at Appdupe deeply thank Abaeze for giving a review.

Mohammad Ben Attia

Mohammad Ben Attia takes a moment to share his thankfulness for his app developed at Appdupe. His app has a lot of popularity and has got wider acclaim.


Isa Cruz appreciates about the overall outcome of his product from Appdupe. We are glad that he is satisfied with the final outcome. He talks about the friendly customer service of Appdupe and how that helped Isa Cruz to gain a major customer base.


In this Appdupe Clients review, Sazal shares his experience on how friendly was the manager and appreciates the team about their service. He concludes the video by saying that he will continue to work with Appdupe for future projects and we are pleased to hear such words from Sazal.


The CEO of Seven Technologies presents his wholehearted thanks to our business analyst in this Appdupe client review. He loved the way we approached his project which is a drop application for his organization and about our simplistic straightforward methodology.

Mohd Idrus

Mohd Idrus talk about further collaborations in the future with Appdupe since he is very much pleased with our work. We are so glad to receive such a heart felt feedback from our client. He was very much satisfied with the product delivered to him.


Fermin from Autolinks network talks about how Appdupe has helped to build his roadside assistance app. He addresses the hard work and dedication of the developers, QA team, Testers of Appdupe team. We, at Appdupe, would like to thank Fermin for his kind words


For instance, take a look at one of our Client Reviews. Joey was overwhelmed with the customizations we had to offer and implementing his original ideas with our Clone script.