Appdupe Reviews – Tips To Grow Your Uber-like Cannabis Delivery Business

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Recently, in the US, there have been many discussions and issues going on about medical cannabis. Since the talks about making it legal have started, there have been heated arguments and debates about it. Many politicians spoke out their opinions, and new anchors bought it to spotlight. Common people are also voicing out their views on making marijuana legal. 

Since marijuana has many medical benefits, it was made legal after many years by several lawmakers. Many states in the US made it legal. This was a great opportunity for the medical cannabis industry to develop the business. That is how the Uber for Marijuana app came into play. A few benefits of marijuana in the medical industry is as follows:

  • ·         It helps in reducing chronic pains and muscle spasms.
  • ·         It can also reduce nausea in a patient who is undergoing the chemotherapy process. 
  • ·         Patients with HIV/AIDS can use marijuana to improve their appetite. 
  • ·         People diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome can use this to improve their sleep and tics. 
  • ·         It can also be used in curing arthritis, glaucoma, anorexia, and migraine. 

Marijuana in the medical industry can be prescribed in the form of capsules, lozenges, tinctures, dermal patches, oral, and dermal sprays. In the US, around 33 states and the district of Columbia have legalized the use of medical cannabis. However, a few medical organizations in America have requested for the removal of medical cannabis. But, since it had more pros, the government approved its use. A few stats about the sales of marijuana in the medical industry is specified below:

  •         The sales of medical marijuana raked in $5.2 billion in the year 2019. 
  •         By the year 2024, the medical and the recreational marijuana consumer market will make sales of around $37.3 billion. 
  •         In the US, there are around 28,000 cannabis businesses that are up and running now. 
  •         An ounce of marijuana costs $319.47 dollars. 
  •         Michigan sells marijuana at the highest rates, and Aurora in Colorado sells it at the lowest price. 

How was this made into a successful business?

After the legalization of marijuana in the US, a few entrepreneurs took up medical cannabis as a business. From then, this market has been only in the uptrend, and it is not stopping anytime soon. It has provided a wide range of employment offers to the people, and it is the second-largest cash crop cultivated. For instance, after the legalization of marijuana in Canada, more than 125,000 jobs were available. Many investors saw the rise of the industry and planned to invest in this sector. They thought it was a great opportunity, and it has helped the medical cannabis industry grow further. This also helped the existing medical cannabis business to extend its service to more regions. With this growth, the Uber for the medical marijuana industry came into existence and is one of the crucial players in the on-demand industry. Many entrepreneurs launched their medical cannabis business with an online app, and a few of them were actually a huge success in the market. 

Eaze: This is a medical marijuana app that served in California and was founded in the year 2014. They had a massive growth in California. By the year 2017, they were rendering their service in almost all the cities of California. It had acquired around $10 million and $13 million in Series A and B funding, respectively. It also introduced a service called EazeMD through which the patients who are in need of medical marijuana will be provided with a card by the state, and they can interact with the physicians to resolve their queries. 

Nestdrop:Nestdrop is also a weed delivery service that is delivering marijuana to 9 cities along the west coast of America. These are cities where the number of weed service startups are low in number. Such locations will help them develop their business.

Grassp:It has been six years since Grassp was founded, and it has become a million-dollar worth company. They provided high-quality service to its customers and made sure that the marijuana is delivered properly to the destination. 

Similarly, if you want to start up your own on-demand marijuana delivery app, then you have to find a company that will provide you an amazing set of features in your app. It should make the customers lean towards your app and service. On the other hand, the key to sustaining the market is to offer quality service at nominal rates and offers when needed. 

You can contact AppDupe to develop an app for your on-demand marijuana service. They offer affordable app solutions and have helped many startups to develop their business via the app. Future enhancements will also be done by their developers. Call them or mail them at [email protected] to know more about their on-demand service apps.