Appdupe Review – Key strategies involved in developing a Uber for massage app

uber for massage app - on-demand massage app

Everything is being booked online and delivered to your doorsteps now. Food, groceries, dresses, accessories, taxi services, salon services, and more are available online. Currently, the on-demand service industry is growing rapidly, and the massage service is one of the major contributors. After a long tiring day, people will long to get a good massage to relieve stress and relax peacefully. But, to get a massage, they have to get ready, reach the spa or massage center, wait for their turn, and then get a massage. People will want to get massages at their comfort. There should be no traveling or waiting to get a good massage. 

To cater to these needs, an online app was introduced in the market. This helps users get a massage instantly at their homes. The elderly and working people welcomed this idea with wide hands. When a service is offered at their comfort, who would say no? The online app was an instant success in the market. For instance, a company called Soothe is one of the crucial players in the online massage service industry. It was founded in the year 2013. Due to its huge success, it has raised over $31 million in series C funding. They provide services in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. There are a few stats you have to know about the Soothe company:

  •         The online massage service is one of the major services among the list of on-demand services that are growing swiftly. 
  •         The revenue of the massage industry per month is $1.2 million. 
  •         They provide online massage services throughout the day and until midnight. 
  •         The company has around 1000 massage therapists in 50 major cities in the US.

Following their success, many organizations or entrepreneurs wanted to get into this business. So, the Uber for Massage app was introduced in the market. These are readymade apps that are priced moderately. It is easily customizable and has a user-friendly UI that will help users navigate through the app easily. There are three main approaches that you have to consider  before developing an app for your online massage service:

 Be available for the customers:

The main aspect that the customers expect from an on-demand service is the convenience. They want the service to reach them when they need it and where they need it. You have to ensure to make your customer feel that you are flexible  to provide the services when required. 

There are also other features that pertain to convenience and flexibility. The customers should feel comfortable in availing your service. Since your app does most of the work for you, you can include a few features that will help you in providing these factors to the users. Employ filters that will allow the customer to choose the gender of the therapist, type of massage, and more. Scheduling a massage for later use should also be possible via your app. The massage service will have a high demand on the weekends. So, make sure you do not miss out on any service requests. Assure the customers that you will be available to cater to their needs anytime. 

Identify the vital aspects of your app:

Decide on the main features of the app before you proceed to develop it. Analyze the other similar apps available in the market. This will help you make your app unique. Include the following attributes in your app:

  •         Multiple registrations process
  •         Ensure data security
  •         Search filters based on various parameters
  •         Separate dashboards for administrator, user, and the therapist
  •         Massage scheduling
  •         Mark favorite therapists
  •         Availability button for the therapist
  •         Review and feedback section

Based on the business needs, you can add more features if required. Choose the correct region to startup your service. Perform an in-depth analysis of the region and the kind of people there. Know their interest and market accordingly. 

 Offers and referrals:

This is one of the essential attributes that all the users will look forward to. Initially, when you launch the app, you have to provide plenty of offers to allure more customers to your app. Once your brand is established in the market, you can have several user categories and provide offers based on the frequency. 

Referrals are considered as a tool to bring in new customers. The existing customers will be given unique referral codes. If a family member or a friend of the existing customer registers using that referral code, then the existing customer can avail certain offers. The new user who joins should also have some leverage if they are choosing to register with your app. So, provide a few offers for them as well. 


These strategies will form the base for your massage service business. Once you decide on these elements, you have to find a good app development company who can develop an app that will satisfy your business needs. 

Form a strong developing team and decide on the technological stack of the app. Include the latest and robust frameworks in your app to make it more attractive and gain more customers. Make sure that the app does not have any technical glitches. Develop an efficient on-demand massage app like Uber to launch your massage service in the market and become successful.